Hemp Hand Protector: it's not what it sounds like!

So a while back I was looking for a new moisteriser (particularly for my hands) to combat the frostier weather and we are now officially into Winter in the Southern Hemisphere! It was surprisingly my mum that suggested I try the Body Shop's infamous Hemp Hand Protector. Putting aside my initial hesitations, I was pleasantly surprised by the result!


Forget floral, think tropical

I am love love loving bright and colourful prints lately, but I'm not really a florals kinda girl. Still wanting to board the loud colours trend train, I found the perfect alternative to the classic flower textile because who doesn't want to feel like they're on vacation to the Bahamas all day long?!!


We fight the setting sun

For the most part, I love chucking on my favourite Sea Folly bikini in summer whenever I'm heading to the beach. The being said, sometimes I like to tone it down a bit and wear a little more clothing or at least bring some so when I'm heading up to the corner store for a ice cream or walking home I don't feel quite as exposed. I decided to put together my favourite beach outfit for summer!


Wanderlust: Backpacking arcoss Japan

Something I've been really wanting to do on my blog is talk about my travels in a little segment called 'Wanderlust' because honestly, is there anything better than travelling and seeing different places and experiencing a whole new perspective on the world. I wanted my first post in this series to be about the greatest place I have ever been in my life: Japan. 

You said love was painted gold

So I'm going to come right out and say it, I've been a lazy fashionista lately and wearing a lot of my staple items together. That being said, this is one of my favourite combinations of what I would call my staple items, especially in this weather!


Love Affair with LoveClothing.com

Recently I've been scouring the web for a one stop shop of fashion and style that offers a huge range of high quality items at prices I can afford (on my student budget!) and I've finally found it! This began my love affair with LoveClothing.com (click to see their site)!

Product of the Week: Marc Jacobs Daisy

My product of the week is actually a long time love of mine and that is the Marc Jacobs Daisy shower gel and body lotion!


Instagram Inspirations ♡ May '14

Here are a few of the instagrammer I've been obsessing over for their fashion and style posts!

Price vs Quality: Sunglasses

Unless you're flash with cash, you probably can't justify shelling out large sums of money for small accessories such as sunglasses. I picked up these little black ones for just $10 and here is my opinion of price vs quality when it comes to sunglasses.

He reads your thoughts they go to a higher ground

I know that Winter officially commences in the Southern Hemisphere tomorrow but I still find that I'm clinging to Summer for dear life. Most of the outfits I wear lately are a fervent attempt at bringing a little bit of that warm sunny goodness into this dreary season.